Today is #worldmentalhealthday. I opened up about my struggle with depression before, but wanted to bring it to spotlight again. Daisy, Mickey, & Dixie has helped me from hurting myself in the past and put a smile on my face everyday. I strive to ensure that my dogs are happy in return. If you are currently struggling, please understand that you’re not alone. Daisy is sending lots of healing love your way💛 #underbiteunite #daisy #handicappedpets #daisyabled #disabled

Dixie scared the 💩 out of me today! She ate a peach from the tree we have in our yard and swallowed the whole pit. Vomited 3 times and I was worried for possible intestinal blockage, so I decided to take her to the emergency. Had IV fluids injected and x-rays takes but they found nothing. Came back home and several hours later upon expressing her fecal, I found the pit in her 💩!!! I’m keeping the 🍑 pit in a jar since it’s worth several hundred dollars💸 Sorry to keep everyone worried! And thank you for the love💛 #underbiteunite #dixie #🍑 #💩 #😭