Oh, Look at that Dog! How Sad…

We went to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica, CA to enjoy the weather with our girl Daisy. There are always so many people, and because Daisy is in a wheel cart, she attracts attention. Some people would just stare, some people would try to sneakily take a picture (I still see you), and some are kind enough to ask if they can pet her (I love those kind of people). All of that doesn’t bother us, especially Daisy- she loves people. I understand that not everyone is going to like Daisy and I could careless when people comment on how ugly my dog is. However, what really bothers me is when people see Daisy and comment on how sad it is as they are walking by. It is difficult to understand why we get so many pitiful, condescending, and ignorant comments. I don’t think the people realize that although Daisy can’t hear and understand what people are saying about her, her humans can. As an owner who is clearly obsessed over her dog, I believe that it is my sole responsibility to provide her with as much happiness as I can. Daisy constantly wags her tail and is just a bundle of joy. It saddens me that people think of Daisy as a “poor dog”.

As I mentioned earlier, she obviously can’t hear and understand what people are saying about her. Even if she did understand, I honestly don’t think she would care. Daisy exudes such a positive attitude and she is a constant reminder to keep my head up high.

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