What happened to Daisy?

Daisy was born with dislocated joints in both of her elbows, right shoulder, and back hips, which resulted in her deformity. 

How old is Daisy?

She is currently five years old. Her birthday is on May 15th, 2010 if anyone would like to celebrate!

Does she always have to be in her wheel cart/ prosthetic legs?

No. The only time we put her in the wheel cart/ prosthetic legs is when we go out for walks.

Can she walk without her wheel cart/ prosthetic legs?

Daisy can walk and run without her wheel cart, but only for a short distance. She hops like a bunny and that consumes a lot of energy for her.

Where did you get your wheel cart?

Daisy’s wheel cart was custom made by Eddie’s Wheels. (http://eddieswheels.com/)

Where did you get your prosthetic legs?

Animal Ortho Care

Daisy seems perfectly fine in her wheels. Why are you switching to prosthetic?

Daisy loves her wheel cart. However, it puts a lot of pressure on her spine and limit her movements. I decided to switch to prosthetic legs to give her more freedom in her motion and relieve the pressure on her spine due to her deformity being degenerative. Click here to follow us on our prosthetic legs journey. 

What is her breed?

It’s a mystery for us, too. The rescue told us that she is a Brussels griffon/ Terrier mix. Many people tell us that she looks like a Chiweenie. We shall do a DNA testing one of these days.

How do you keep her teeth sparkly white?

I use a teeth wipe for dogs on a weekly basis. 

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